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LisaERP is designed to manage and optimize the production processes of companies in the textile supply chain (spinning mills, dyeing and finishing, weaving, knitwear factories, wool mills, and garment manufacturers) through features designed and developed to make the management processes efficient and streamlined. Its main characteristics include being a multi-company and multi-division product.

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1. Advanced production planning and scheduling.

LisaERP includes a user-friendly and intuitive functionality for control, planning, and rescheduling of operations on looms. The system suggests optimal planning based on "chaining" criteria, providing the ability to reassign operations through drag & drop. This significantly simplifies the process, allowing operators to easily view available looms, estimated production times, and other relevant information. They can then drag operations from one loom to another with a simple mouse gesture, without the need to manually enter data or perform complex calculations.

2. A documentation for an increasingly efficient and sustainable company.

With LisaERP's document management feature, you can digitize physical documents such as contracts, invoices, quality certificates, technical drawings, and other important files and store them in a secure and accessible repository. This eliminates the need for bulky paper files, reduces the risk of losing or damaging documents, and allows for quick retrieval of information when needed.

With this integrated functionality, you can improve the sustainability and efficiency of your company.

3. Monitoring and control through optimized management of work orders.

In LisaERP, the management of work orders ensures efficient allocation of looms, personnel, and materials, reducing downtime and maximizing overall productivity. It also allows tracking of the progress of work orders, identifying any delays or issues, and taking timely actions to resolve them.

The real-time visibility of production progress will enable your company to make data-driven decisions, thereby improving operational efficiency.

  • Production monitoring: with this module, it is possible to collect data from weaving machines, finishing equipment, dyeing machines, and other processing units.
  • Business Intelligence: a module dedicated to advanced analysis of data collected during monitoring, with the aim of supporting all control and management activities.
  • CRM: to enable a comprehensive and secure management of business opportunities, through a structured model for managing negotiations and relationships with acquired and potential customers.

4. Scheduling

LisaERP enables accurate estimation of real delivery times for customer orders through precise project planning. By constantly updating the progress status, potential issues can be identified in a timely manner, ensuring adherence to previously agreed-upon commitments.

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