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For quick orders
in three easy steps.

LisaExpo is the software specifically designed to simplify and optimize the order acquisition process on mobile devices and during events. This software offers specific functionalities that allow agents and sales representatives to place orders and generate quotes quickly and accurately.

The product is extensively used in the textile and clothing industry, particularly for acquiring orders and creating quotes for fabrics, accessories, and finished garments.

Speed and efficiency
Mobility and flexibility
Integration with the management system
Permissions and licenses

1. Fast and accurate order creation

The integration of the software with the management system allows a perfect synchronization of customers, price lists, shipping addresses and payment methods.
In this first phase it will be possible to choose or create from scratch the following entities:

  • Customers
  • Shipping addresses
  • Reference price lists

2. Optimization of inserting items on the move

With LisaExpo, the user can select the products of interest, view their details and create sample orders quickly and accurately. The software allows you to specify the desired quantities, color variants and other customization options, simplifying the ordering process and minimizing errors thanks to integration with an effective and practical barcode scanner.

3. Synchronization with the management system

Thanks to the integration with the management system, it will be possible to optimize the order entry flow by automating the entire process. After the order has been placed in lisaexpo, in fact, it will be possible to act in two ways:

  • Send the order directly to the management system so as to start processing it in real time;
  • Save the order as a draft to make changes later, thus optimizing the little time available with the customer during the fair itself.

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