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For sustainable traceability

LisaLab is the software entirely dedicated to the generation, compilation and review of analysis and quality testing on fabrics. Thanks to this tool, companies in the textile sector will be able to assess and record the conformity of their products, with respect to standard quality parameters defined internally or requested by customers (specifications).

The software offers a wide range of indicators, criteria and tolerances that can be configured according to your specific needs. The analysis of this data will then allow to identify strengths and areas for improvement, helping companies to make decisions to improve the quality of their products. The high quality standards required by organizations and companies, especially in the field of sustainability, make it essential to adopt these tools.

Test parameterization
Reusable templates
Control and traceability
Notifications Management

1. One parameterization for all requirements

With LisaLab you can establish a series of standard parameters based on specific requirements in your field of application. In addition to the configuration of tables, laboratories and other entities, it is possible to make a parametric set up of:

  • Frequencies (timing for a test)
  • Standards (setting up official documents with the regulations to be respected)
  • Criteria and tolerances to use to consider a test passed

2. Change history management for widespread traceability

Thanks to the management of the history it is possible to keep track of all the flow that has been triggered on a particular product: in which batch it arrived, which tests it passed, when they were carried out and by whom. In this way, activities will be monitored more precisely and accurately.

3. Customization and flexibility

LisaLab allows the generation of reusable templates, in order to make the whole process of testing, evaluation and analysis more efficient and faster. In addition, it allows the activation of a system of personalized notifications to have greater control over the entire production chain.

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