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For increasingly efficient
quality control

This software allows for the detection and recording of fabric defects. By assigning the type and severity of the defects, the system can assist the operator in determining the quality and status of a piece, defining the usable length and the portion to be rejected. Equipped with cameras and appropriate lighting, the system is capable of capturing and archiving images of the defects. This makes it easy to share them within the company or directly with customers.

Fast and optimized
Multi-user portal
Reports and statistics
Customizable interface

1. Management of processing arrangement

To optimize the organization of resources, time and activities to maximize production efficiency, along with planning, layout, workflow, optimization, waste reduction, resource allocation, sequencing, coordination, continuous improvement.

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Monitoring and control
  • Process optimization
  • Asset Management

2. Reporting defects

Defect reporting software provides functionality to record, track, and manage defects or nonconformities detected during quality control. It allows you to assign, prioritize, monitor status and resolve defects in a timely manner. It helps to improve the visibility, efficiency and traceability of corrective actions, facilitating the implementation of continuous improvement processes.

  • Ticketing and defect management

3. Customizable interface

The customizable interface of the software offers the possibility to adapt the display, layouts and widgets according to user preferences. You can configure fields, filters, charts, and reports for a better user experience.

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