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For intelligent warehouse management

LisaMove is an advanced tool designed to optimize efficiency and productivity in warehouse operations.

The product is extensively used in the textile and clothing industry, particularly for the loading, unloading, and movement of yarns, fabrics, accessories, and packaged garments.

Designed to be simple, high-performing, and highly user-friendly, LisaMove represents a powerful tool for streamlining warehouse operations, improving efficiency, and reducing errors.

Efficiency and usability
Reporting and analysis

1. Handheld optimized UX/UI

To ensure maximum usability of the software for operators, thus optimizing costs and management times, LisaMove offers a range of functions designed from a UX/UI perspective and developed specifically for handheld use.

Here are some examples:

  • Change stock in warehouse
  • Withdrawal/deposit missions
  • Fast shipment of goods
  • Transfers items

2. A 360° experience

To complete the experience of using the software, all the most operational part on the handheld are flanked by a desktop interface that allows the management of more complex activities such as:

  • Creation and assignment of free missions
  • Mission progress control
  • Creation of new products
  • Analysis and reporting according to customized KPIs

3. Flexibility, customization, and reporting.

Thanks to the technologies used and the software architecture, it is possible to achieve a high level of customization in order to meet even the most specific and sectorial needs. For example, it is possible to define ad hoc KPIs to be able to monitor performance, flows, timing and much more in a targeted manner.

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