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Oracle is the suite software designed to centrally manage, organize, and distribute product information. Acting as a centralized repository for all information related to a company's products, oracle is able to historicize structured and unstructured information, photographic and textual, related to all your drawings, articles and collections. With this software, you can manage and update product information efficiently and consistently, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of product information across all sales and marketing channels.

Consistent CX across all channels
Guaranteed data quality
Operational efficiency
Good adaptability

1. Advanced search that improves the Customer Experience

Thanks to the normalization of product information, these are organized in a coherent and structured way, allowing search algorithms to better understand the content of the products so as to offer the end user increasingly relevant results.

  • Search by 'single field', level navigation or multi-dimensional
  • Searches by images - thanks to the API provided by Google
  • Ability to save searches and their results

2. Bonding has never been easier

Within the oracle software it is possible to create bonds between the products in such a way as to be able to chain them in a BOM logic. There are not only links between products, but also those between people: if you choose oracle you can share a set of products with your colleagues or with your customers in a simple click.

3. Custom assignments to increase efficiency

To optimize the management of products in a personalized way for each of your customers, oracolo provides a system of assignment article / drawing to a specific customer. The system will thus keep track of this information and will allow you to manage exclusives for your customers more quickly and efficiently.

4. Smart tracking

Thanks to the use of RFID technology it becomes easy to trace a packaged garment and through a simple gesture recognize and identify it.

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